Hadid Hesiod Alexander

A big black-haired man with a broad smile and a steady gaze.

Class: paladin of the Raven Queen

Str: 14 (+2)
Con: 13 (+1)
Dex: 10 (+0)
Int:  10 (+0)
Wis: 16 (+3)
Cha: 16 (+3)

Initiative: d20 + (+Dex + level/2)
AC: 17 (10 + level/2 + armor + dex/int (if light armor))
Fortitude: 14 (+1 class, +1 human)
Reflex: 12 (+1 class, +1 human)
Will: 15 (+1 class, +1 human)

passive Insight: 18 (10 + 5 + Wis)
passive Perception: 13 (10 + Wis)
Speed: -1 (scale armor)

HP: 28
HP / level: 6
Surge value: 7
Surges / day: 11

Religion 5 (+Int)
Diplomacy 8 (+Cha)
Intimidate 8 (+Cha)
Insight 8 (+Wis)
Heal 8 (+Wis)

Raven Queen's blessing
Healing Hands

(E) Channel divine mettle (minor): one ally in burst 10 makes a save at +Cha
(?) Turn undead:
(A) Divine challenge (minor, burst 5): one marked target -2 to attack others, 3 +Cha radiant damage first time; you must engage
(3 / day) Lay on hands (minor, touch)

(A) Bolstering strike: Cha vs. AC, damage 1W + Cha and I gain +Wis temporary HP
(A) Enfeebling strike: Cha vs. AC, 1W + Cha and if marked takes -2 to hit until end of my next turn
(A) Holy strike: Str vs. AC, 1W + Str radiant and +Wis if marked
(E) Piercing smite: Str vs. Reflex, 2W +Str, and mark target and +Wis adjacent
(D) Radiant delirium (implement, ranged 5): Cha vs. Reflex, 3d8 +Cha and dazed until end of my next turn and -2 to AC, on miss half damage, still dazed.

Base attack:
longspear (reach): attack +2, damage 1d10+2

35 gp
scale armor (+7, -1 speed)
holy symbol (skull)

Hadid is a burly barrel-chested man, of average height, with unruly black hair, and friendly brown eyes. He wears colorful clothing (in questionable color combinations), and carries a long black spear, headed at both ends.

He is a traveler, and tells stories of his travels, though truth be told his stories can ramble. Sometimes I wish I were a wandering minstrel, he says, holding up his hands, but these are for a spear-haft. He smiles broadly, enjoys life deeply, and may turn conversations gently to the subject of impermanence.

Hadid was called to the Raven Queen when he was only a boy. He fell through ice into water, out walking alone, and was found an unknown time later, ice-cold and unbreathing. But he woke. He said that he remembered nothing of his time underwater, but that as he opened his eyes it pierced him through, how glorious it is to open your eyes and see the light of the world. He was transformed, from a worried child to a joyous one—briefly. Then the illumination cooled, and left him as he had always been. The call came later, slowly, as he learned that he could rekindle a glimmer by remembering the terror of cracking through the ice, and learned to fill his mind with the fear of death. Hadid is still afraid of death, despite meditating on it every day for twenty years. What he has learned is not to turn away from death.

Hadid Hesiod Alexander

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