This is the homepage for our campaign. Use the tabs above to navigate the pages of our campaign.

Home- Home takes you here.

Adventure Log- This is a living record of the party’s adventures. I plan on using a voice recorder to keep notes of the campaign as it goes along.

Wiki- Here is where you can upload your character profile, background story, and other in game information about the world our campaign takes place in. Here you’ll also find entries for important items, important places, important events, and other important things.

NPC Tracker- Who was that one Princess again? Find out here in the NPC Tracker. Any information the party knows about NPCs will be here.

Forums- Here is where all the meta gaming and out of character chatter should go. That or in comments.

Maps- I’ll try to post dungeon and world maps here, but some of the stuff I’m using belongs to WoTC and I’d hate to violate some kind of usage/licencing agreement.

Comments- A catch all.

Tel' Lina en' Gorgorath

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